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Ikawa Launches the Pro V3 Sample Roaster

Ikawa sample roaster

The Ikawa Pro V3 Sample Roaster officially launched at World of Coffee in Amsterdam. Photo by Lily Kubota/Daily Coffee News.

Sample roaster manufacturer Ikawa officially launched the Ikawa Pro V3 this weekend at the World of Coffee event in Amsterdam. The latest model of the UK-based company’s portable sample roasting machine represents an update two years in the making.

With the same dimensions as the original roaster and weighing approximately nine pounds, the V3 builds upon Ikawa’s original hardware and software platforms with the addition an Inlet Temperature Sensor, a reinforced “Strong” exhaust sensor, and significant changes and improvements to the app. The inlet sensor provides an entirely new way for users to craft profiles on the Ikawa, while data from both sensors are visualized in the app and enhance users’ ability to translate profiles to their production roasting equipment.

“Visibility of the inlet temperature helps build a more complete picture of what’s actually happening during the roast, which we expect to help build customers’ understanding of the roasting process,” Ikawa Head of Marketing Alex Georgiou told Daily Coffee News. “Additionally, users will now be able to control their roasts according to the inlet temperature or the exhaust temperature.”

Ikawa sample roaster

The Ikawa Pro V3 Sample Roaster. Photo by Lily Kubota/Daily Coffee News.

An inlet temperature curve was used to roast coffee that made it to the finals of the UK Brewers Cup, according to Georgiou, who said this profile will be available in the app for anyone to execute and explore. The fortified exhaust sensor, meanwhile, comes in response to user-reported issues with the original sensor.

“In the original Ikawa sample roasters, the exhaust sensor was ultra sensitive in order to be very quickly responsive,” said Georgiou. “Over time, we have found it is our most common service issue, so we have spent a long time innovating ways to design a sensor that is strong, but still very fast reacting. The Strong Sensor achieves this, and roasts using this are compatible with the original ultra-sensitive sensor.”

Georgiou said that older Ikawa Pro roasters can be retrofitted with the new strong sensor, as well.

The upgraded app provides twice as much temperature data in its graph, and the ability to craft profiles based on the inlet temperature. Other improvements include an updated first-crack marker, enhanced rate-of-rise graphing, and a beta test of Cropster integration.

Ikawa sample roaster

The Ikawa Pro V3 Sample Roaster. Photo by Lily Kubota/Daily Coffee News.

Structural improvements on the V3 are aimed to increase durability and serviceability, such as a simpler arrangement of internal components, improvements to airflow design and a new blow-over button in place the older models’ blow-over switch, activated by the user to blow finished roasted beans out of the roasting chamber and into the jar. The hard-shell carrying case with molded foam interior, originally an add-on accessory, is now a standard inclusion with any roaster purchase.

All Ikawa machines are made in London and are available to ship around the world. The Pro V3 is also available for purchase now. The V3 list price is £3,070 + VAT and shipping. Buyers in USA are offered a “landed price” of $4,790, which includes shipping and duty.




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