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Germany’s Kirsch + Mausser Unveils New Look with Retro Probat Focus


A longtime German roasting equipment manufacturing brand specializing in machines that date back nearly a century unveiled a fresh new look at the World of Coffee event earlier this month in Berlin.

Kirsch + Mausser has been manufacturing individual components primarily for vintage, refurbished Probat roasters since 1975 as part of the Probat Group. In 2013, the company altered its focus to specialize in the refurbishment of Probat UG and G drum roasters. This year, the company launched a whole new brand identity, while showcasing its streamlined manufacturing focus.


From the new Kirsch + Mausser website (

Headquartered in Probat’s home of Emmerich, Germany, Kirsch + Mausser displayed a 15-kilo capacity UG15 Retro drum roaster equipped with a semi-automatic control solution. The company is also manufacturing a UG22 Retro, with a 25-kilo capacity. Both machines boast many of the fundamental elements of the original Probat UG line, which was introduced nearly a century ago, yet with a number of updated features. The optional semi-automatic control features include recipe storage with up to six pre-set temperature levels, pre-defined burner output, interfaces for external software and a touchscreen roast curve monitor.

The third machine offered by the brand is the 55-kilo-capacity G45 Retro roaster, which builds upon the classic Probat model with semi- or fully-automatic touch controls. Kirsch + Mausser also can pair the machine with its own fitted green coffee conveyer, afterburner and destoner.


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