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Specialty Coffee Importer Genuine Origin Opening West Coast Warehouse


Green coffee drying in parchment. Daily Coffee News photo.

Irvington, New York-based green coffee importer Genuine Origin is expanding its reach with a new West Coast warehouse opening in Kent, Washington, next month. The company is also opening a new, larger East Coast warehouse in Pennsylvania.

Born from the specialty coffee division of Volcafe, an ED&F Man business, Genuine Origin’s main business is providing North American roasters with traceable specialty coffee. Since its launch in 2016, the company has placed a notable emphasis on its online purchasing platform, giving roasters easy access to coffees in 65-pound increments.

The company sees the West Coast expansion as beneficial not just in terms of access, but in terms of its own environmental footprint.

“We felt it was imperative to bring West Coast roasters just-in-time service for their green coffee needs,” Genuine Origin National Sales Manager Rich Fitrell said in a company announcement today. “And, since we’re going to decrease the number of cross-country shipments, Genuine Origin is about to get a lot greener.”

Genuine Origin has enlisted the services of Connecticut-based XPO Logistics for its revamped East Coast operation, while Holman Logistics is being employed for the move into Washington. The company expects to begin shipping 65-pound boxes out of its West Coast warehouse in September.


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