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Simonelli Group Launches Online Coffee Knowledge Hub

CKH Coffee Knowledge Hub

Simonelli Group photo.

Italy-based Simonelli Group has launched an online education platform called the Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH).

Through a new website, the Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machine parent organization is offering more than 30 courses from various education providers and programs throughout the global coffee industry. The group says the Coffee Knowledge Hub will expand to 60 “newly digitized courses” by the end of 2021.

TH CKH is a natural extension of what Simonelli Group has already been doing in-person at various training centers in parts of Europe, Oceania and Asia over the years, especially as in-person education opportunities were lost throughout 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Simonelli Group announced the development of the online learning center in May of last year.

Following the official launch this week, the hub is promoting courses from numerous coffee educators or certification programs, including the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), the Specialty Coffee Association, the Coffee Sensorium, Coffee Mind, Coffee Chemistry, and Cafeina Consulting. Few of the courses have been scheduled to this point.

“We are working with a network of industry leaders including renowned researchers, training schools and trainers to give coffee professionals new opportunities to developing [sic.] their coffee careers, in an ongoing pursuit of greater quality in the coffee industry,” U.K. coffee industry veteran Andrew Tolley, who co-created the platform with Simonelli Group, said in an announcement of the launch. “The CKH platform will have a specific focus on sustainability across the coffee value chain which is more important now than ever.”

In addition to the coursework, the organizers are launching a library of online resources and a CKH podcast series that will initially explore the “coffee menu” — including aspects such as “the carbon footprint of the coffee menu,” menu development, and pricing.