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Cannabis Journal Maker Goldleaf Launches a Coffee Collection


The Goldleaf Coffee Journal. Images courtesy of Goldleaf.

Though the hard and fast strictures of professional coffee cupping tend to require workperson-like data entry for empirically driven analysis, there are more leisurely routes the coffee drinker can take.

One new more casual method for charting coffee comes courtesy of Goldleaf, a Cincinnati-based maker of attractive print journals that deftly straddles the line between science and leisure.


Tasting notes referenced in the journal.

While the design agency’s efforts to this point have largely been focused on journals for cannabis education and experiences, Goldleaf’s recently released “Coffee Journal” offers a print-centered reference point for coffee drinkers to log and learn more about their own relationship with coffee.

Delivered in size A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches), the Goldleaf Coffee Journal comes with cream-colored pages inside a recycled light brown stock cover with a gold-colored emblem.

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Inside, the introductory pages include an abridged history of coffee, infographics on the basics of coffee attributes and evaluation, a world map for logging the origin of coffees, and 50 entry pages that capture vital statistics for each coffee tasting while leaving plenty of room for open interpretation.


The Goldleaf Coffee Journal is part of a new collection of coffee-related printed materials from the Ohio company, including posters on coffee brew methods, flavors and drink types. 



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