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Design Details: Victus Coffee Emphasizes Fuel for a Cause

Victus Coffee 5

Photography by Steve Cancel, courtesy of Victus Coffee.

The Victus Coffee brand was created in 2015 with a singular mission to support Team Rwanda Cycling, which has since grown to fuel the competitive aspirations of hundreds of young Rwandan cyclists.

Behind the brand is the specialty coffee roasting company J.René Coffee Roasters and its founder José René Martinez of West Hartford, Connecticut.

Victus Coffee 3

“Throughout its five years, the mission has evolved to be something far grander,” Victus Coffee Partner Anne Mercer told DCN. “However, the existing coffee bag packaging language and design did not reflect this new mission. This lead to confusion across the board for new and existing customers.”

So a Victus team composed of Mercer, Martinez, and creative director Jason Cheshire set out to redesign the packaging to better reflect the brand’s values, its coffees and its broader support mission.

Victus Coffee 1

Bearing the message “great coffee fuels great causes,” the new bags provided by Roastar make plain the brand’s commitment to pledging $2 for every bag sold to a number of development organizations, including the Connecticut nonprofit Foodshare and the Adrien Niyonshuti Cycling Academy in Rwanda.

Victus Coffee 2

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