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Inside Roast Magazine’s July/August 2021 Issue

The July/August 2021 issue of Roast is out now, with feature articles covering new research on fermentation in coffee processing, the rise of artisanal roasting in India and transparency in coffee sourcing. Columns explore the revival of liberica coffee in the Philippines, defining roast levels, and anaerobic- and carbonic-processed coffees.

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Inside This Issue

In “The Professionalization of Coffee Processing: Researching at Expert Level,” author Luz Stella Artajo Medina shares research findings on the impacts of low oxygen availability during coffee fruit fermentation in the process of natural and washed coffees using different cultivars.

Technology has evolved beyond food conservation into a tool for creating desirable sensory, nutritional and functional attributes in food products. Fermented food products make up a significant portion of the scientific and academic studies; however, there is a renewed interest in understanding coffee fermentation mainly driven by the control of the unit operation to obtain defined flavor profiles and health benefits of the byproducts.

The next feature in this issue, “Whom Does Transparency Serve? Identifying a Living Wage Reference Price (Part II)” by Nani Ferreira-Mathews, explores multiple price transparency efforts in the coffee industry, including importers and third-party transparency companies, auditors, and cooperatives with their own transparency efforts at origin.

We will take a deep dive into Fair Trade International’s efforts to create a new price known as the ‘Living Income Reference Price,’ and learn about machine learning programs that use satellite imagery to identify where coffee grows and how data collection works to connect farmers with resources to increase yield and quality on their farms. Finally, we will look at a 100 percent farmer-led and farmer-owned successful vertical integration project.

Reshil Charles takes a look at the burgeoning coffee culture in India in his feature article “The Rise of Artisanal Roasting in India: Bringing Specialty Coffee into the Mainstream,” exploring the growth in specialty coffee in the country and the pioneers who are paving the way for the industry.

In recent years, artisanal coffee shops, roasteries and homegrown brands selling beans to retail outlets and consumers have emerged in large numbers across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Chandigarh, Pune and other parts of India where coffee has always been second to tea. Restaurants and cafes not previously focused on coffee now source from various brands to ensure a freshly brewed cup is always available.


The Professionalization of Coffee Processing
Researching at “Expert Level”

Whom Does Transparency Serve?
Identifying a Living Wage Reference Price, Part II

The Rise Of Artisanal Roasting In India
Bringing Specialty Coffee into the Mainstream


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