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Probat 5- and 12-kilo PIII Roaster Line Receiving Cropster Integration

Jérémie Vergne coffee cropster probat

Licensed Q Grader and roaster Jérémie Vergne of France-based green coffee company Belco using the Cropster integration on a Probat P05 III machine. Cropster press photo.

Coffee roaster maker Probat and roasting software provider Cropster have announced that all of Probat’s new PIII series models will come equipped from the factory with full Cropster integration.

The integration is available to Cropster customers buying new Probat PIII-series machines, as well as to users of existing PIII machines.

Probat’s PIII is the manufacturer’s latest lineup for smaller roasting operations. It includes the 5-kilo-capacity P05 III and the 12-kilo P12 III. The models were launched in virtual format last fall after major global coffee trade shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cropster in 2019 unveiled similar integration capabilities with 5-, 12- and 25-kilo-capacity in Probat’s Probatone 2 line, which preceded the PIII line in the smaller “shop roaster” category.

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The integration will allow users to monitor and control roasts through the Cropster interface by plugging in a single cable.

Through the Roaster Intelligence program, users can control gas application and airflow, use the “Replay Assist” roast automation option, and see recently introduced AI-based features such as first crack prediction and rate of rise prediction.

“With the full integration to the PIII series you can both control your machine and monitor the roast through the Cropster interface and replay a recorded curve,” Cropster said in an announcement of the partnership with Probat. “You can also revert back to the Probat control and automation whenever you’d prefer to do so.”