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Map It Forward to Host The Global Coffee Townhall, an Open Online Discussion

Global Coffee Townhall

Madeleine Longoria Garcia and Lee Safar are moderating the English-language event to kick off the Global Coffee Townhall, which takes place next week in four different languages.

“What needs to change in the coffee industry in 2021 and beyond?”

This is the gargantuan motivational question at the center of an upcoming free online event for actors throughout the coffee industry called The Global Coffee Townhall.

Presented by the remarkably prolific coffee-focused podcast Map It Forward — and sponsored by BaratzaCofinet, and Los Pirineos — The Global Coffee Townhall has been conceived as a live open forum discussion that ditches the pretense, pomp and circumstances of typical industry presentations in favor of an open conversation.

The concept evolved from Map It Forward’s original Sydney Coffee Townhall, which then grew to become the Aussie Coffee Townhall. With the new global aspirations, the Global Coffee Townhall is being held in four different languages through four different events next week.

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The English-language version — moderated by Map It Forward creator Lee Safar and Madeleine Longoria Garcia of Pacific Coffee Research on Monday, Oct. 11 — will be followed by similar approximately 2-hour events with different moderators each in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Map It Forward said that the event is being held in the different languages in part to broaden the conversation to actors throughout the coffee supply stream. Tying all of the events together is the one big question, from which many more are certain to flow in real time: “What needs to change in the coffee industry in 2021 and beyond?”

“Given all the challenges our industry has experienced over the past 20 months — and will be for some time to come in my opinion — it’s my hope that we can come together in an open forum, share our thoughts on the subject and hear each other’s perspectives in a real, yet hopeful discussion,” Safar, who is nearing her 500th episode of the Map It Forward podcast, said in a message to DCN.

Registration for each of the Global Coffee Townhall discussions, can be found here: