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Faema Unveils a Bold New Generation of the Faemina Home Espresso Machine

Faemina Espresso Machine 3

The new Faemina espresso machine from Faema. Sales are expected to launch in 2022. All images courtesy of Faema.

Long-running Italian espresso machine brand Faema has returned to the home coffee station with the Faemina, a new single-group, dual-boiler machine.

Representing a dramatic departure from the sturdy spring lever model preceding it under the Faemina name beginning in the 1950s, the new model boasts automation capabilities while veering even farther off the traditional path by accommodating pourover-style filter coffee.

The Faemina has an on-board water reservoir and allows users to set different temperatures for delivery to the group or to a separate hot water tap. A built-in water softener protects the machine’s internal parts, as well as the purity of the beverages it creates.

Faemina Espresso Machine 4

In addition to espresso, one of those beverages can be filter coffee. Users can place their pourover cone of choice under the group head, then use the built-in touchscreen or the dedicated phone app to automate a pourover with adjustable variables including the bloom phase, pause intervals, water quantities and flow rates. The drip tray can be raised, lowered or removed to accommodate different cup and cone sizes.

“It’s capable of replicating all the necessary brewing phases; the user has full control,”  Faema Faemina Project Brand Manager Maria Vittoria Rinaldi told Daily Coffee News. “All the parameters are customizable. Faema wants to offer to its user a coffee experience characterized by a diversified menu, from a highest quality espresso with professional extraction like at the coffee shop, to an automatic brewing option.”

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The reservoir is accessible through the front of the machine by removing the drip tray, and can be refilled either in place or by bringing it to a water source. A kit is also available for plumbing the machine directly into a water line.

Having rounded its diamond 75th anniversary in business last year, Faema, now a subsidiary of Gruppo Cimbali, continues to celebrate its past by while leaning into new machine technologies and designs.

While celebrating the 60th anniversary of its hallmark E61 machine design last year, the company also rolled out a new Faema President espresso machine with a modernized look and a suite of new features, bringing up to date another model that originally debuted in the 1960s.

Faemina Espresso Machine 1

With the Faemina name, the Milan-based company nods to the past again, repurposing the name it once gave to a popular manual lever espresso machine it made for home users in the 1950s and 60s.

“Faemina was a technological machine with a lever, offering the most avant-garde technology of those times seen in any coffee machine destined for the home bar,” Rinaldi said. “And like then, today’s Faemina positions itself as a high-quality product for its design and technology, bringing coffee shop quality coffee in the user’s home. We deeply value tradition while always exploring innovation, which is embodied in the Faemina.”

Faemina Espresso Machine 2

The company said its new Faemina is expected to launch for sale in the United States by the end of the first quarter of 2022 at a retail price of €4,500 (about US$5,235, as of this writing).