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Coffee Economics with Karl: Price Floors Wouldn’t Work… Or Would They?

Coffee Economics with Karl

“Coffee Economics with Karl” is back! It’s been a wild 20 months since the last installment of the video series featuring coffee expert Karl Wienhold.

Beyond the pandemic, shipping and supply chain woes, political instability and other bouts of mayhem, the past 20 months also brought about some positive developments in coffee, including the release of Karl’s book Cheap Coffee: Behind the Curtain of the Global Coffee Trade, published by Roast magazine.

Of course, much has happened over the past 20 months with coffee prices, too. With that in mind, let’s jump right into the first of five new videos coming in the Coffee Economics with Karl series.

Here, Karl addresses the subject of coffee price minimums, a.k.a. “price floors.” The video actually calls back to one of Karl’s previous lessons, questioning his past assumptions and the traditional mainstream economics argument against minimum prices.

Without further ado, here’s Karl: