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Design Details: The Bar Meets the Sidewalk at Singular Coffee in Santiago

Singular Coffee Suecia Santiago 4

The bar at Singular Coffee Suecia in Santiago, Chile. Photo by Carlos Molina, courtesy of Oficina Bravo.

  • Project name: Singular Coffee Suecia
  • Architect: Oficina Bravo
  • Oficina Bravo Team: Catalina Carcamo, Sergio Reyes and Sebastián Bravo
  • Completion Date: 2022
  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Photography: Carlos Molina

In the Barrio Suecia (Swiss neighborhood) of Santiago, Chile, stands the fourth coffee shop of local specialty coffee roaster and retailer Singular Coffee Roasters.

Singular Coffee Suecia Santiago 3

The shop’s most striking feature is arguably its seamless connection to the streetscape, a feat made possible through the work of a design team at Santiago-based Oficina Bravo.

Singular Coffee Suecia Santiago 2

“We are coffee enthusiasts and we love designing coffee shop spaces,” Oficina Bravo Founder Sebastián Bravo recently told Daily Coffee News.

Singular Coffee Suecia follows the singular design goal of spacial integration of indoors and out.

Singular Coffee Suecia Santiago 5

“The facade of the premises has a system of folding steel and glass doors that allow the facade to be fully opened and eliminate the limits between the interior and exterior,” Oficina Bravo said in a project description shared with DCN.

The concrete coffee bar reflects the concrete pavement of the street, further blending the elements.

Singular Coffee Suecia Santiago 1

“Nothing, except the stainless steel cover, gives you any indication that you are in an interior space,” the firm said.

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