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Design Details: The Bermuda Coffee Triangle in Indonesia

Welcome to Design Details, an ongoing editorial feature in Daily Coffee News focused on individual examples of coffee shop architecture, interior design, packaging design or branding. If you are a coffee shop owner, designer or architect and would like to submit your project for consideration, reach our editors here.

bermuda 3

  • Project: Bermuda Coffee & Eatery (Instagram)
  • Location: Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia (Google Maps link)
  • Size: 150 square meters (1,614 square feet)
  • Open date: 2021
  • Design Studio: STUDIÉ (Jakarta)
  • Lead Architects: Ivan Eldo
  • Architect in Charge: Ilham Sulthony
  • Photography by: Mario Wibowo, Andhy Prayitno

In the province of Banten near the border of Jakarta stands Bermuda Coffee & Eatery, defined by the simple geometric triangle shape that references the Bermuda brand identity.

bermuda 1

The triangle itself is a symbol of stability and balance, yet beyond its basic form lay layers of intricacy designed to create different angles of engagement for passersby on the sidewalk or in the street.

The triangular building is tilted 45 degrees slightly sideways to the road, creating a different impression than seeing the building head-on. An additional overhang coming from the triangle’s high point opens other interpretations, according to architectural designer STUDIÉ, based in Jakarta.

bermuda 9

“As for the material selection itself, we designed a building whose construction process will not take long, [will be] easy to dismantle and can also be reused, because the area is a leased area,” the firm said in a statement shared with DCN. “The interior has an industrial concept — with exposed bricks as the main walls, and ceiling plywood exposed, along with the roof iron frame, as a visual element at the top.”

The triangle building is further integrated with a large outdoor seating section and walkways, including the main entrance into the center of the triangle. One side of that center walkway is at lower elevation, creating the feeling of a “catwalk” or stage while providing an opportunity for dramatic selfies.

bermuda 7

One side of the outdoor area takes the shape of a tribune that rises from the main surface, providing additional seating and views.

Inside, solid wood furniture and terrazzo flooring work with the glass and exposed brick to create warmth. Said STUDIÉ, “The romantic atmosphere gets stronger when it rains and raindrops decorate the slanted glass on both sides of the building and makes the view a bit blurry and poetic.”

bermuda 4