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European Coffee Marketplace 60beans Launches with 25+ Roasters On Board


A consumer-focused German specialty coffee startup called 60beans has launched with ambitions to spread throughout Europe and farther afield.

The 60beans online roasted coffee marketplace recently launched with some 300 bagged coffees from more than 25 European roasters, including revered names in the German specialty coffee industry such as 19 Grams, Kalle Coffee Roasters, Five Elephant, 55 Degrees, Bonanza Coffee Roasters and more.

The new business is being backed by BGC Digital Ventures, the business-building firm of the global business consultancy Boston Global Consulting (BGC). The startup is also being backed by Joh. Jacobs & Co., a Hamburg-based venture capital firm with numerous holdings in the specialty coffee and real estate industries.

Conceptually, the 60beans platform resembles predecessors focused on the United States market such as venture-capital-backed Trade Coffee and Breville-owned Beanz.

The current 60beans user experience includes a taste-finding quiz for coffee preference discovery, detailed profiles on the participating roasters, and descriptions of the farmers and producer groups behind each coffee.

In a recent Medium piece, representatives of 60beans and BGC Digital Ventures shared some of the startup’s growth plans.

“We aim to expand to other European countries and create the go-to destination for coffee lovers and roasters,” BGC Digital Ventures General Manager Dirk Cohausz said. “Our vision is to bring farmers closer to consumers to ensure traceability, better compensation, and improved working conditions. We also plan on having additional equipment providers on board, allowing our customers to purchase high-quality coffee tools and equipment.”

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