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Design Details: Semi-Transparent Separation at Felix in Providencia, Chile

Felix Cafe Providencia Santiago Chile 6

Inside Felix Café in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago Chile. All images by Carlos Molina, courtesy of Oficina Bravo.

Welcome to Design Details, an ongoing editorial feature in Daily Coffee News focused on individual examples of coffee shop architecture, interior design, packaging design or branding. If you are a coffee shop owner, designer or architect and would like to submit your project for consideration, reach our editors here.

Design Details: Felix Café

A single-location independent specialty coffee shop called Felix (styled FELIX) reflects the creative reuse of a former multilevel laundromat in the Providencia district of Santiago, Chile.

Felix Cafe Providencia Santiago Chile 1

Designed by Santiago-based firm Oficina Bravo (see more of their work on DCN), the shop relies upon a single piece of furniture — a semi-transparent metal shelf set — to organize and visually define the public and production spaces.

“This shelf serves both as storage space, a visual separator between the public area and the kitchen, as well as the coffee bar,” Oficina Bravo said in a statement to DCN.

Felix Cafe Providencia Santiago Chile 4

Reflecting the Felix-brand blue edges of the shelving, railing and other surface borders, a blue metal section of the coffee counter becomes detachable, enabling either walk-in or window service, as needed.

The bar also features a striking tile design, which adds to the shop’s overall visual appeal while maintaining simplicity and economy.

Felix Cafe Providencia Santiago Chile 5

Said the firm, “The consistent use of a limited number of materials — including thin metal profiles painted in a striking cobalt blue, armored glass and a custom designed tile — helps generate a simple yet memorable visual language.”

Felix Cafe Providencia Santiago Chile 3