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The Barista League is Coming to 12 Cities in 2023


The Barista League Melbourne 2022 event. All images courtesy of The Barista League.

After a return to in-person competition, camaraderie and all-around gaiety in 2022, the Barista League has announced its 2023 season schedule, including 12 events in 12 cities on four different continents.

The spirited competition platform — founded in 2015 as a more accessible, fun-loving and localized alternative to high-cost sanctioned barista competitions — will be returning this year to Mexico City, Hamburg, Toronto, Melbourne and Los Angeles.


The Barista League 2022 in Mexico City.

The Barista League tour will also be making its first-ever stops in Brno (Czech Republic), Bristol (UK), Atlanta, Milwaukee and Dubai. An additional location in Spain is to be determined. Also in 2023, the Barista League is debuting La Rumba Barista, a spinoff of the Barista League competition to be hosted in Bogotá.

The organization, founded by two-time Swedish Barista Champion Steven Maloney, is also planning to host two after-parties in 2023, in conjunction with the 2023 SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon, in April, and the SCA World of Coffee event in Athens, Greece, in June.


The Barista League 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Barista League events, meanwhile, will remain free to competitors of all coffee experience levels.

“The Barista League was founded on the idea that the event should be accessible for working baristas and should be welcoming to all,” Maloney said in an announcement of the 2023 schedule. “As we grow, we are so excited to be able to take the event to new cities and countries that often get overlooked in favour of bigger, global, centralized events.”


The Barista League 2022 in Copenhagen.

See the complete 2023 schedule here.

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