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Miir Reimagines the Classics with New Standard Coffee Brewing Line


Miir New Standard coffee products on display at the recent SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Seattle-based portable-drinkware maker MiiR has delved deeper into the coffee brewing world with a new line of products called New Standard.

Following a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $113,000 in pre-orders, the set of products includes an all-metal Chemex-style multi-cup manual pourover brewer and server called the New Standard Carafe, and an optionally accompanying digital coffee scale.

Additional products in the New Standard line include a gooseneck kettle and steaming pitchers, while a moka pot and French press are on the way to consumers.

Miir New Standard Carafe


The Miir New Standard carafe and brewer. Daily Coffee News by Howard Bryman.

Made from insulated stainless steel with a removable conical filter-holder and pour spout on top, the New Standard Carafe system has been developed over the past three years. According to Miir, the system is designed to offer increased durability and heat retention compared to glass brewers of a similar shape.

With the brewing cone and its press-fit stopper removed, the New Standard’s opening is also threaded for compatibility with Miir’s wide-mouth twist lids.


A lid on the New Standard carafe. Daily Coffee News by Howard Bryman.

“It is very transferable from surfaces, and not hot to the touch, so you can make coffee with it on your kitchen counter and take it to your desk,” Miir Vice President of Global Sales Heather Swerk told Daily Coffee News. “If you want to take your Hydration 20-ounce wide-mouth bottle lid, put it on, take that handle and take it to go, you can have that option. The two biggest things, though, are insulation and durability.”

After launching at the recent SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon, the New Standard Carafe sells for $79.95 for matte black, or $99.95 for polished stainless steel.

More Miir Releases

Miir Kettle and carafe

The Miir News Standard kettle and carafe. Courtesy photo.

The digital coffee scale is Miir’s first electronic device. It is encased entirely in post-consumer recycled plastic with a non-slip recycled silicone mat on the weighing pan. The scale is powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery.

The scale is currently for sale for $59.95.

A New Standard French press is currently available to Miir’s wholesale partners and is slated to launch for direct sales next month in matte black for $99.95 and polished steel for $119.95. Also next month, Miir’s wholesale partners will begin to receive the New Standard moka pot, which will be sold direct to consumers in September of this year for $59.95.

Miir French press

The new Miir French press. Courtesy photo.

The New Standard moka pot and French press each stay true to traditional forms, while the Miir versions offer stainless steel construction finished with handles and knobs made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The moka pot features a slightly larger-than-average brew basket.

“[The New Standard moka pot] was designed in conjunction with Hector [Castillo Carvajal] from Don Carvajal Café out of the Bronx,” Swerk told DCN at the Expo. “He loved his grandma making that espresso in the Dominican Republic. He’s been our compass on that product, to keep it very true to how it’s been done for hundreds of years.”

Miir moka pot

The new Miir moka pot. Courtesy photo.

Founded in 2010 by Bryan Papé, Miir has carved a niche in the wholesale custom branded merchandising market by offering sturdy and stylish drinkware. The Seattle-based company remains independently owned and operated and carries multiple progressive third-party sustainability certifications while maintaining charitable donations.

In 2019 the company revealed its first coffee brewing product with the ultra-portable Pourigami pourover kit. While the New Standard line expands Miir’s brewing options, the brand plans to also move into apparel.


Branded Miir drinking vessels at the Miir booth. Daily Coffee News by Howard Bryman.

Unadorned or customized shirts, hats, hoodies and more with a variety of print and embroidery options will be made by Miir out of its “Miracle Blend” fabric, composed of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. Miir-made clothes returned to Miir by customers will be upcycled and repurposed.

“We’ll take it back and end up using it in different purposes, [such as] shredding it and putting it into pet beds,” said Swerk. “The idea is to make it a fully circular program. We love to work with our brand partners, and we get a lot of requests from those partners to have some vendor consolidation, a one stop shop, get your hard goods and your soft goods [from us].”

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