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‘Coffee Prices & Technology Summit’ Coming in October

Coffee Prices and Technology

The firm Digital Coffee Future (DCF) is launching an online summit on coffee prices called “Coffee Prices & Technology Summit: Trends, Margins and Pay Gap.”

Prices for green coffee remains a controversial and dynamic topic within the coffee industry, as millions of the world’s small-scale farmers continue to live at or near poverty levels despite the growing economic value of coffee.

“Even though the conversation about coffee prices is not new within the industry, it rarely includes the discussion about how — and if — technology can play a role in mitigating the challenges that arise from their instability and unsustainability,” the company said in an announcement of the inaugural event.

In partnership with NGOs Fairtrade International and the International Trade Centre, as well as with for-profit coffee-related companies M-Cultivo and Algrano, the ticketed online event is taking place Oct. 25-26. Full-price tickets cost €35 (approximately $37, as of this writing). 

coffee plant

The organizers are planning lectures and panels on topics such as: market and price trends; the intersection of living income, costs and technology; value creation; coffee byproducts and farmer income potential; lessons from other value chains; and more.

The current lineup of speakers includes: University of Lisbon PhD researcher and Cheap Coffee author Karl Wienhold; former Intelligentsia Coffee executive Geoff Watts, currently of Azahar Coffee Company; VUNA Origin Consulting Founder Sara Morocchi; and Amanda Eastwood of digital solutions provider M-Cultivo.

The current speaker lineup is available here, and Spanish and English translations will be made available, the organizers said.

“Coffee price dynamics have a huge impact not only on coffee stakeholders but also on the industry as a whole,” DCF states in its event description. “Weather events, yield projections, global inflation, and interest rates are only some of the factors exacerbating market price fluctuations. Additionally, economic value is distributed unevenly among actors, contributing to increased disparities and concerns for the sustainability of coffee production.”

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