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Check Out All the Great Speakers Coming to High Density 2023

High Density 2023


The 2023 edition of the High Density online coffee conference will feature more than 20 speakers reflecting a vast range of perspectives from all over the globe. Exploring the theme “Not Just Origin,” the free-to-watch High Density 2023 conference is taking place live on YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 16.

[Disclosure: Daily Coffee News is a media sponsor of High Density 2023.]

According to High Density Organizer Ordna Event Agency — the firm behind The Barista League event series — the program “has been carefully curated to celebrate the unique cultures, challenges, expertise and people that get ignored when we lump so many things into one box, defined by the production of one crop.”

Individual sessions bear titles such as: “Power asymmetry in the coffee chain: sources, manifestations, and remedies” from Karl Wienhold; and “Who gets to claim terroir? A cautionary tale from France” from Lucia Solis.

Keynote speakers at the event include: Morgan Eckroth of Onyx Coffee Lab (United States); Mario Fernández of the Specialty Coffee Association (Mexico); Mikael Jassin of Catur Coffee Company (Indonesia); Sabine Parrish of Centre for Food Policy, University of London (UK); Karl Wienhold of the University of Lisbon (Portugal); Sara Morrocchi of Vuna Origin Consulting (Italy); Lucia Solis of Luxia Coffee (Guatemala); and Smayah Uwajenza of Elevate Through Coffee Initiative (Rwanda).

Additional speakers to be featured at the event include: Agustín Quiroga (Argentina), Mike Strumpf (Canada), Enrique Alves (Brazil), Young Baek (Australia), Lem Butler (U.S.), Phil Magowan (UK), Xavier Alexander (U.S.), Mikolaj Pociecha (Netherlands), Catalina Gutierrez (Colombia), Verônica Belchior (Brazil), Anthony Ragler (U.S.), Rahul Reddy (India), Nathanael Philip May (U.S.), Julia Leach (U.S.) and Binny Varghese (India).

Ordna and the Barista League launched the first High Density conference in early 2021 in response to pandemic-related shutdowns of in-person coffee events. The show expanded to 50+ speakers in 2022. More information on the 2023 program can be found here.

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