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Mazzer Unveils the Philos Single-Dose Grinder

Mazzer Philos grinder

The Mazzer Philos grinder in brushed anodyzed aluminum on display at the HostMilano 2023 show. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

A shiny new single-dose grinder from Mazzer called the Philos turned heads at the HostMilano trade show last month in Italy.

The forthcoming Philos debuted alongside the Mazzer Kony Sg, a new grind-by-weight model built upon the Italian company’s sturdy commercial Kony platform.

Mazzer Philos

Geared more toward light commercial or high-end home/prosumer use, the angular Philos offers a relatively low physical profile centered on a vertically oriented set of 64-millimeter flat burrs spun at 1,400 RPM.

Used either with a 60-gram hopper, or for single doses of up to 24 grams without the hopper, the new machine features a horizontal pre-breaker auger to steady the flow of bean fragments into the burr set.

Mazzer Philos cup

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

With an anodized aluminum body, the Philos weighs in at a substantial 27.5 pounds. Magnets hold a 58-millimeter-diameter dosing cup beneath the chute. A 53-millimeter cup is also available upon request, to accommodate transfers to smaller portafilters.

Users can choose whether the Philos adjustment mechanism is stepped or stepless, and no tools are required to disassemble the machine to access the burr chamber for cleaning or swapping out burrs. Grind settings are maintained following reassembly, according to Mazzer.

Two sets of pre-seasoned stainless steel burrs made by Mazzer in its facilities outside of Venice, Italy, are available for the Philos.

Mazzer Philos black

The Philos in black.

One grinds for high particle uniformity, resulting in potentially greater flavor clarity in the cup. The other generates more fines, resulting in thicker, more traditional full-bodied extractions. While 64 millimeters remains a popular size among third-party providers and other manufacturers, Mazzer recommends sticking with Mazzer-made burrs for the Philos.

“Philos’ burrs have been specifically designed for the grinder to achieve the right balance between productivity and bean feeding from the auger, control overall noise, address electrostatic issues, minimize the risk of clogging, ensure easy cleaning, parallelism, and consistently deliver the desired particle size, to name just a few,” Mazzer Marketing Manager Cristina Scarpa told Daily Coffee News. “That’s why we recommend using the original set of stainless steel burrs designed and manufactured by Mazzer for Philos.”

Mazzer Philos adjustment

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

The Philos joins the Mazzer catalog as a zippy smaller companion to the Mazzer ZM, a single-dose-oriented grinder with 83-millimeter vertical flat burrs and more advanced electronics designed for higher workloads. In 2021 came the ZM+, which includes optimizations for espresso.

Like the Mazzer Kony Sg, the Mazzer Philos is expected to launch for U.S. sales in early 2024, the company said.

Mazzer Philos Pete Licata

2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata (USA) showing off the grinder at the Mazzer booth. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

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