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Slingshot Prepares US Launch of Talis and Sisma Commercial Grinders

Slingshot Talis grinder full

A Slingshot Talis grinder on display at the 2023 HostMilano expo. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Coffee equipment maker Slingshot Technology will soon be shipping its new Talis and Sisma commercial espresso grinders into the United States.

Slingshot Director Luca Giorgella told Daily Coffee News the company’s Talis grinder models — the S75 and the titanium-burred S75 Pro — have already shipped to Asia-Pacific distribution partners, with the Talis S64 slated to join them next quarter.

Slingshot Talis grinder joystick

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

The Talis and Sisma are both on-demand espresso grinders that offered in either 75-millimeter or 64-millimeter flat burr configurations. Features shared between the two platforms include micrometric burr adjustment, joystick-controlled grind time adjustment, the ability to access the burrs without losing the setting, and more.

The Talis is differentiated primarily by its direct-drive burr system and its “Zero Gravity Hopper,” which comes standard with the S75 Pro Titanium package. The hopper features an interior divider that regulates a consistent flow of beans into the burr chamber, regardless of total hopper content. The company said this results in improved dose accuracy and prevents the migration of smaller coffee beans to the bottom of the hopper.

Slingshot Talis grinder hopper

The “Zero Gravity Hopper” on the Slingshot Talis. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

“The Zero Gravity Hopper is designed for retrofitting in any of our grinder models, but it is not compatible with other grinder brands,” said Giorgella. “Additionally, if someone prefers to have just a larger hopper, they can remove the internal floor that creates the two chambers, transforming the Zero Gravity Hopper into a single, larger 2-kilogram hopper.”

The Sisma, revealed in late 2022, is offered in the same two flat burr sizes as the Talis, as well as in a 68-millimeter conical burr variant. Its patented “Vibration Leveling System” sends vibrations through the portafilter basket to level and evenly redistribute the grinds, potentially saving baristas’ time and focus on puck prep.

Slingshot Sisma grinder

A Slingshot Sisma grinder. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Giorgella said the company also has another new grinder in the works, currently code-named “Red.” Now in its final design phase, the new grinder is expected to feature mechanics similar to the Sisma, while adding volumetric dosing.

“Once the dose is set, it will maintain that dose even if the grinding size is changed,” said Giorgella. “It’s not a grind-by-weight or grind-by-time mechanism. We take pride in being unique and not following the crowd.”

Slingshot Talis grinder

Slingshot Talis. Courtesy photo.

Pre-production samples of the Red should be in house for testing by the second quarter of this year, by which time the Sisma is slated to begin shipping to U.S. customers for prices ranging from US$1,428 to $1,907. The models in the Talis range are currently listed from $1,223-$1,543 with direct sales “coming soon.” 

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