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Treatt Launches Core Coffee Extracts and Customization for US Clients

Treat Coffee Extracts

Treatt promotional photo.

Extracts and ingredients manufacturing company Treatt has expanded its range of coffee solutions in the U.S., offering customization services alongside core extracts for beverage foundations.

The UK-based company, which maintains additional offices and manufacturing facilities in China and in Lakeland, Florida, announced the launch of “off the shelf” coffee extracts earlier this month.

There are three extracts in the company’s core extract portfolio for U.S. clients, including one with Colombian coffees, one with Brazilian coffees, and another “all-rounder” blend designed as a foundation for espresso-based beverages, such as flavored lattes or espresso martinis, according to the company.

roasted coffee stock photo

Roasted coffee. Stock photo.

“For our bespoke solutions, if you already have a strong, existing brand identity when it comes to coffee, we can create an extract which showcases those distinctive characteristics, which your consumers recognize and are loyal to,” Treatt Communications Manager Kesha Allen told DCN.

Treat was established in 1886 and currently caters to a number of segments within the food, beverage and fragrance industries. The company says it has multiple CQI-certified Q Graders on staff for its coffee business, which includes extract manufacturing in Florida.

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