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US National Coffee Association Announces New Board Leaders

National Coffee Association

On the eve of its annual convention, currently underway in Nashville, the National Coffee Association of the United States announced the election of Jonathan White as its new board chairperson.

The executive vice president and third-generation member of New York-based, family-owned roasting company White Coffee Corporation, White succeeds outgoing chair Robert Menos of green coffee trading company Sucafina.

An NCA board member since 2019 and vice chair since 2022, White is succeeded in that role by Nathalie Gabbay, the president of family-owned coffee trading company RGC Coffee, which maintains businesses in its headquarters of Quebec (Canada), Bogotá (Colombia) and Culver City, California. Gabbay has been on the NCA board for more than five years.

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Jonathan White (left, NCA courtesy photo), and Nathalie Gabbay (right, 2020 RGC courtesy photo).

“I am honored to be elected Chair by my peers,” Jonathan White said in an announcement from the NCA. “I look forward to continuing to serve the coffee community. It is a particular privilege to work with this group of leading industry experts, and I’m thrilled to have Nathalie Gabbay as vice chair.”

The NCA’s membership includes many of the country’s largest green coffee trading, roasting and logistics companies alongside allied suppliers.

The trade group recently released an economic report that found that U.S. consumers spend approximately $301 million per day on coffee.

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