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With RI5, Cropster Updates Signature Roast Profiling System

Cropster RI5 release

Cropster news release photo.

Coffee business solutions provider Cropster ushered in 2024 with the launch of Roasting Intelligence 5 (shortened as RI5), the fifth iteration of its signature profiling system for coffee roasters.

The release comes nearly six years since Cropster’s last major Roasting Intelligence software release (RI4). The company said that the RI5 release follows feedback from existing Cropster users, including extensive beta testing.

“Beta testers lauded the clean and easy-to-understand interface of RI5, emphasizing its adaptability to various screen sizes,” the company said in an announcement of the RI5 release last month. “Importantly, the transition from the previous version, RI4, was reported as seamless, with users expressing satisfaction at not missing familiar features.”

coffee roasting

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Among the key features found in RI5 are changes to the user interface, including detachable sidebars and collapsible sections, a two-column pre-roast layout for streamlined efficiency, and improved display on multiple screen types.

New replay sliders allow roasters to revisit and fine-tune roast profiles. The software upgrade also builds in more flexibility regarding roast profile customization and the organization of data for a more intuitive experience, according to the company.

Cropster, which maintains offices in Europe and the United States, has outlined several of the key changes here. A more extensive overview of the changes, including instructions for in-software tutorials — is available here.

Cropster plans to show off the new RI5 at the forthcoming SCA Expo, taking place April 12-14 in Chicago.

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