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With Fetco Distribution, Brood Offers Creative Options for Commercial Cold Brew

DRNX Brood

The new DRNX by Brood machine. All images courtesy of Brood.

Canadian commercial beverage equipment maker Brood has launched a new generation of its versatile nitro cold brew dispenser line for commercial applications under the name DRNX by Brood.

Available in three models, the upgraded DRNX line accompanies Brood’s expanded distribution in the United States through a new partnership with commercial coffee equipment giant Fetco.

Building upon Brood’s existing DRNX platform — a patented flash-chilling, still and/or nitro beverage dispensation system — all models in the line are now faster and more compact than earlier designs, with more robust cooling systems and upgraded silent pumps.

All have also moved to an “e-tap” dispensing system involving an electronically controlled dispenser rather than a mechanical open-or-closed valve. The new tap handles include a form of haptic feedback when in use for users’ tactile satisfaction, and a handleless button-operated version is also available.

DRNX brood cold brew

“It’s rebuilt from the ground up, essentially, in terms of its bill of materials, functionality and technology,” Brood CEO Abe Saimeh told Daily Coffee News of the new generation of Brood. “It’s a culmination of our 11 years of manufacturing expertise and know-how.”

Variations in the new line include a one-tap model (SLM), a two-tap model (DUO) and a new model designed to automatically mix concentrates with water (MIX).

The DRNX MIX model allows users to designate precise ratios of concentrate to water through an in-line valve controlled electronically by algorithm-based software. The mixture is then sent through the DRNX flash chiller then before exiting the tap.

Beverages dispensed all DRNX machines can be still or infused with atmospheric nitrogen. No additional equipment or refrigeration is required.

“The fact that you can have 20 gallons of cooling capacity in an hour, in a countertop space with no fridge and no nitrogen tanks is massive,” Saimeh told DCN. “With the new inline concentrate version, you’re able to take any high concentrate product bag-in-box, and that’s where the trend is right now with cold brew coffee concentrates.”

DRNX by Brood

Designed for countertops, DRNX models can dispense up to 102 liters per hour of beverages chilled to as low as 36ºF at the tap. According to the company the machines can accommodate tea, cocktails, matcha and other drinks, while the MIX can dilute beverages to any ratio, up to 13/1, on demand.

“All the big players are going towards the concentrate format so they’re not shipping water across the country, they’re shipping high quality cold brew concentrate in a BIB,” said Saimeh. “The whole industry is going to concentrate, and now you have a way to dispense it easily, 100% plug-and-play.”

U.S. distribution of the DRNX machines is now available through Fetco, the 37-year-old Illinois based equipment company that specializes in batch brewing equipment. For Fetco, the Brood partnership expands a reach into specialized cold brew products that began with Poland-based Hardtank in 2022. Fetco is now the distributor of the Baby Hardtank brewing machine.

“One of our goals is to utilize the versatility of both the Brood and Baby Hardtank to empower customers to drive creativity and profit utilizing these two state of the art pieces of equipment together,” Stefani McGee, marketing director for Fetco, told Daily Coffee News. “We do plan to offer bundles and packages for these units in the near future, once Baby Hardtank is officially on the market.”

Brood and Baby Hardtank machines will be on display at the Fetco booth next month at the annual SCA Expo in Chicago.

[Editor’s note: The headline for this story has been updated since its original publication. The original headline ambiguously suggested that Brood had received financial backing from Fetco, which is inaccurate.]

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