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Nestlé Names Philipp Navratil CEO of Nespresso


New Nespresso CEO Philipp Navratil. Press release photo.

Global coffee giant Nespresso has appointed Philipp Navratil CEO. He replaces Guillaume Le Cunff as the chief executive of the Nestlé-owned company, while Le Cunff is slated to become CEO of Nestlé’s Europe Zone in July.

Navratil has been with Nestlé for more than 20 years, most recently serving as head of the Coffee Strategic Business Unit since 2020. Prior to that position, he served as Coffee Business Executive Officer, Mexico, expanding the Nescafé-brand instant coffee operations.

“We are very pleased to appoint Philipp, an established coffee expert, to CEO of Nespresso,” Head of Nestlé Coffee Brands David Rennie said in an announcement of Navratil’s appointment. “His vast international experience in coffee makes him the ideal candidate to take over the leadership of the world’s leading premium coffee brand.”

Nespresso, which primarily offers single-use coffee capsules and compatible coffee machines, recently announced plans to purchase or invest US$20 million in the coffee sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The brand also recently partnered with fellow Nestlé-owned company Blue Bottle Coffee for a branded launch.

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