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New From the 2024 SCA Expo: Tools, Accessories and Gadgets

SCA 2024 coffee accessories

The world of equipment designed for the betterment of specialty coffee preparation and service has been rapidly expanding far beyond the categorical boundaries of roasters, grinders and brewers. 

A multitude of new coffee tools, accessories, doodads and what-have-yous were being put to use at last week’s Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago. (See DCN’s complete 2024 SCA Expo coverage here.)

Here some of the harder-to-categorize pieces that caught our eye at the show…

Squeaky KeptAroma Bottle Stopper 


Squeaky KeptAroma bottle caps. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

A relative newcomer from Thailand making tools for baristas, Squeaky arrived in full force in Chicago, offering numerous exciting accessories. The company’s extraction-chilling portafilter attachment Alsa won a Best New Product Award in the People’s Choice category. Equally intriguing alongside the Alsa was the KeptAroma Bottle Stopper, a silicone lid in various sizes with an integrated one-way degassing valve.

Working with either a manual syringe or a battery-powered handheld vacuum pump, KeptAroma stoppers are designed to turn virtually any plastic vile or bottle into a functional, cost-effective and recyclable whole-bean storage vessel, including for single-dosing. 

Squeaky Hom

Squeaky HOM

Squeaky Hom aroma dispensers. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Another enchanting contribution from Squeaky was the Hom, a flower-shaped aroma dispenser. Functioning like an old-fashioned perfume bottle, the Hom sends the aroma of ground coffee outward upon the squeeze of a rubber bulb.

Acaia Astra

Acaia Astra

The Acaia Astra remote module. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Popular coffee scale and accessory maker Acaia introduced a prototype of a forthcoming tool called the Astra, a remote module that serves a timer and interface. Integrating with Acaia scales, the module tracks and predicts brews in real time, guiding users to more precise times and volumes for both espresso shots and pourovers. DCN will have more on the Astra soon. 


Kimera pitcher

A Kimera pitcher. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

The three-spouted pouring tool for latte art-savvy baristas called Kimera was the star of the Slow Pour Supply booth. Designed through a collaboration between Hong Kong-based equipment maker WPM Welhome Pro and Slow Pour Supply Founder and CEO Anita Tam, the handle-free design and three spouts offer greater control over the flow and application of milk into espresso while bolstering the user’s technique. 

Flair Power Tower


The Flair Power Tower. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Manual home espresso equipment maker Flair introduced a new motorization kit for its Royal hand grinder called the Power Tower. Users can dock the Royal grinder into the device, where an electric motor will take over the cranking duties, providing consistent torque and steady RPM regardless of bean density or roast level. An adapter kit makes the Power Tower compatible with some other grinders, including popular models from 1Zpresso

Java Jim Espresso Smoker


The Java Jim Espresso Smoker. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

The founding business partner of coffee equipment distributor 1st-Line Equipment, Jim Piccinich, has borrowed a bit of inspiration from the cocktail world in creating the Java Jim Espresso Smoker. The tool is designed to capture fresh wood or herb smoke within a demitasse to give espresso shots some additional complexity through smoky aromas and flavors. 

Brew Bomb Electronic Quick Dose Dispenser

Brew Bomb dispenser

Brew Bomb electric quick dispenser. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Following up on the manually pumped Quick Dose Dispenser that launched last year as part of its Espresso Replacement Concentrate initiative, cold brew equipment company Brew Bomb came to the Expo with a new electronic version. Powered by any outlet or a portable battery pack, the dispenser delivers programmed portions of concentrate at the hit of a button for espresso-style beverages or other coffee-inclusive concoctions. 

Akiva Custom Cupping Spoons

Akiva spoons cupping

Akiva cupping spoons. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Boutique cupping spoon company Akiva made its first trade show appearance under the leadership of Moses Park, art director for Torch Coffee Roasters. Focused entirely on making beautiful spoons for cupping coffees, Akiva offers a variety of colors, finishes and designs, including original artwork or logos provided by customers. 

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