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Coffee Shop Operations Software Provider Dripos Lands $11 Million Round


New York-based coffee shop software provider Dripos closed an $11 million Series A funding round led by San Francisco-based tech investment firm Base10.

Founded by Jack Pawlik and Avery Durrant, Dripos remains focused squarely on the coffee shop market, offering a software platform that integrates numerous functions and tools, including for point of sale (POS) and mobile payments, employee management and payroll, loyalty and marketing automation, and accounting and banking administration.

The company says that in 2023, the number of coffee shop locations using the platform expanded by 400%, with locations in 46 U.S. states.

In a press release from Dripos yesterday, one of the platform’s users named individual software providers — including Toast and Square — claiming that their services are not as comprehensive for coffee shop operations.

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“Coffee shop owners have long grappled with the challenge of juggling 5-10 software solutions to meet their operational needs,” Dripos Co-Founder and CEO Pawlik said in the same announcement. “With Dripos, we’re empowering coffee shops to ditch their previous tech stack for the first true all-in-one solution, revolutionizing the way they do business.”

Not named in the press release was another New York-based coffee shop POS and business solutions provider Odeko — presumably a direct competitor to Dripos in the coffee shop sphere — which as of April 2023 had raised approximately $177 million in private equity funding.

Base10, the leader of the Dripos Series A, has previously invested in food-tech-related companies such as Blank Street, Instacart, All Day Kitchens and Popmenu

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