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Sttoke Targets Coffee Pros with Swirl Line of Ceramic-Lined Steel Cups

Sttoke Swirl coffee cups 1

A Sttoke Swirl coffee cup for cupping or serving. All images courtesy of Sttoke.

Coffee-focused portable drinkware maker Sttoke has expanded its line of ceramic-lined insulated steel tumblers and cups to include the Swirl X, a cup designed for professional cuppings, tastings or cafe use.

The shatter-proof and stackable cups are dishwasher-safe, according to the Australian company.

The Sttoke Swirl X line was designed in collaboration with 2023 World Cup Tasters Champion Young Baek to feature a cupping bowl-like parabolic (U-shaped) bottom for an even spread of liquid that’s also conducive to swirling the beverage.

Sttoke Swirl coffee cups 3

The shape is built into Sttoke’s standard insulated steel core, which can keep sample brews on a cupping table warmer for longer, according to the company. The cups are lined with the company’s proprietary German-made ceramic coating, which is designed to withstand contact with metal spoons while not imparting any residues.

“There are a lot of different types of cupping bowls out there in the market,” Sttoke Co-Founder and Head of Brand Samuel Soong told Daily Coffee News. “Plastic, on one hand, is ultra portable; however, people tend to note the flavors that leech from this material. Glass and ceramic, on the other hand, are most traditional, and while these are best known for flavor clarity, they are more fragile and difficult for logistics.”

Sttoke Swirl coffee cups 2

Australian Specialty Coffee Association Board Member and World Barista Championship judge Xindii Hew has joined Sttoke as project manager for the Swirl X, which just launched for wholesale sales with minimum orders of 48 units, each priced at $17. Direct sales of the Swirl X just launched through the Sttoke website at $42.95 plus shipping for a set of two.

Soong and Yishen Law founded Sttoke in 2018, seeking to provide more durable, higher-end solutions for reusable coffee drinkware. With the Swirl X, the brand is now more directly approaching the coffee industry, targeting roasters and even cafe operators.

Sttoke Swirl coffee cups 4

“It’s a perfect flat white or latte cup,” said Soong. “We do have some cafes serving them for pourovers already because of its ability to express flavor well, aromatically and tastefully. The goal is to introduce them more to the hospitality business, maybe even hotels.”

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated. The original version incorrectly spelled Young Baek as Yong Baek, and incorrectly referred to Xindii Hew’s WBC judge status as “former.”]

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