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Longtime Coffee Pro Dan Cox Writes Book on Hot Coffee Lawsuits

hot coffee lawsuits by dan coxIn time for your summer reading, coffee industry veteran Dan Cox has authored a book that includes industry standards for hot beverage temperatures, as well as a comprehensive history of hot coffee lawsuits.

Written with coffee shop operators and defense lawyers in mind, Handling HotCoffee: Preventing Spills, Burns, and Lawsuits traces the legal cases surrounding spilled coffee and burns, beginning with the infamous Liebeck v. McDonald’s hot coffee spill case in 1994. Since then, hot coffee cases have kept on coming, even if they have not made as much news.

Here’s more on the new book, from Cox, who currently serves as president of the coffee business consultancy Coffee Enterprises:

Handling Hot Coffee informs the coffee industry and supporting lawyers about these cases and recommends preventative measures to avoid spills and lawsuits. It also explains industry standards required to make quality hot beverages and why the temperatures for brewing cof- fee and tea infusion are above the pain and burn thresholds of skin.

Previously, the pertinent and diverse information regarding these issues and cases had been scattered throughout separate categories and sources: hot beverage industry standards, medical burn first aid and care, and legal product liability case summaries and decisions. Cox’s Handling Hot Coffee compiles all of the relevant material into one complete and meaningful resource for readers and industry professionals.

For more on the book, visit Coffee Enterprises.


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Suzanne Brown

Congratulations to Dan Cox on his new book about lawsuits that result from encounters with hot coffee. Dan has carved a niche in this field and become the “go-to” industry expert, giving testimony in court when needed.

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