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From Ship to Shelf: Must See Video from London’s Tap Coffee

In the worthwhile pursuit to help create deeper connections between consumers and their coffee, short films have proven to be a valuable tool for coffee roasteries. Lately we’ve seen lovely videos from the likes of Verve Coffee Roasters (see: Must See Video: Verve Coffee Roasters Explores Kenya) and Rook Coffee Roasters (Traveling to Costa Rica and Honduras with Rook Coffee Roasters (video)), both of which take viewers to origin.

Now Tap Coffee in London is showing the next steps in the coffee production cycle with a video called From Ship to Shelf. In it, the Tap Team leads the viewer through coffee’s journey beginning at a British port and ending in retail bags and poured coffee inside a Tap bar. Between we see the beans’ journey through a warehouse, the Tap cargo van, the roasting works, the cupping lab and behind the bar.

Juriaan Booji directed the film, while James Cundill did the editing and Rich Stephenson provided the music.


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