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Icons Coffee Couture Promotes ‘Fashion Food’ and Coffee Drinks for Runway-Model-Types

Icons coffee opening in Dubai

Icons Coffee Couture concept.

After two years of marketing and brand development, a Dubai-based coffee company is set to open its flagship coffee shop, reflecting what has to be one of the most bizarre retail concepts in the specialty coffee world.

Icons Coffee Couture, “a luxury fashion and lifestyle coffee shop concept,” is the brainchild of German model Elena Weber, who launched the Icons coffee brand to explore what she calls the “often-problematic relationship between the fashion world and diet.” The Icons team, described as a group of entrepreneurs, models and fashionistas, is now hoping to extend the franchise concept throughout the Middle East, which providing “fascinating lifestyle locations, which give you the feeling to be in a Vogue Magazine or photography gallery of an outstanding artist.”

Elena Weber, CEO of Icons Coffee Couture

Elena Weber, CEO of Icons Coffee Couture

On a practical level, the coffee company is pushing low- or no-calorie drinks featuring stevia-based no-calorie sweeteners, categorized by the U.S. medical community as “likely safe” for human consumption, except for those who may be breast feeding or pregnant. Icon’s signature drinks, for example, are its Hazelnut Choco Fudge Latte and its Snow White Espresso Frappe (200 calories). The Stevia-only menu extends to Icon’s pastry program. Here’s more from Icon:

After rigorous research and with the help of our master pâtissier Stefan Kopetz, we have worked on a new style of menu, re-inventing all of our recipes as Stevia is 300 times sweeter than the regular sugar and it bakes in a different way. Stefan is pastry chef of Bayern Munich FC and a man with a reputation for having wooed a host of celebrities including football player Philipp Lahm, singer Sarah Connor and the boxing Klitschko brothers with his sensational sweets and desserts.

Also on Icon’s menu is kopi luwak coffee, which it proudly touts as “the world’s most expensive coffee fix.”



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Every good coffee is perfect for supermodels. Good coffee tastes so nice that it does not require sugar or milk – where the calories would be.

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