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Handsome Coffee Alums Launch Curated Brewing Company, Outpost Coffee

Outpost coffee provides curated gift guides

The Hario v60 gift guide curated by Outpost Coffee

Three L.A.-based entrepreneurs who came together over coffee packing and barista training in the early months of of Handsome Coffee Roasters in 2011 have launched their own startup, offering curated brewing kits for coffee consumers.

“Our inspiration came from interacting with people we served coffee to in Los Angeles and our desire to curate an exceptional coffee experience for them and anyone who may stumble upon us,” says Tiffany Lopez, who just launched Outpost Coffee alongside Justin Carleton, Lisa Tahk and Lopez’s younger brother, David.

“If you purchased a bag of coffee during Handsome’s infancy, chances are Justin, David, or I packed it,” Tiffany told Daily Coffee News, adding incidentally that she and her brother “spent the majority of their time at Handsome Coffee trying to convince their bosses — Michael Phillips, Tyler Wells and Christopher Owens — that they really were brother and sister and not married as they suspected.”

With a minimalist white-background website that draws the eyes to a range of home brewing products laid out on rustic wood, Outpost is debuting with two gift packages. The Hario v60 gift and brew guide (retailing for $198) includes:

  • Outpost Hario v60 Brew Guide
  • Outpost Burlap Travel Bag
  • Ceramic Hario v60
  • Hario v60 Stand
  • Hario Scale and Timer Combo
  • Hario Goose Neck Buono Kettle
  • Forty white v60 filters

The Aeoropress gift and brew guide ($85) includes:

  • Outpost Brew Guide
  • Outpost Burlap Travel Bag
  • Aeropress coffee brewer with funnel, coffee scooper, agitator and enough filters to make one coffee everyday for a year.
  • AWS SC-2KGA 2,000g x 0.1g Scale with AC Adapter and Battery Power. Includes tray for weighing whole coffee beans.

Tiffany says both gift packages are designed largely for consumers who have a fledgling interest in advanced brewing methods, offering equipment and methods that are easily accessible.

“We’ve all become the designated ‘coffee maker’ in our group of friends and it’s hard to get anyone else to learn to do it,” says Tiffany. “We wanted something we can give to them without any direction and have them make a tasty coffee on the first go and have a lot of fun doing it…..It’s about lowering that friction and creating an opportunity for them to get started.”