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Must-See Coffee Venue: Siberia’s Glass Geodesic Dome


What do you think of when you hear Siberia?

Harsh tundras. Gulag labor camps. Unending cold. Geodesic domes demonstrating cutting-edge coffee bar design?

Yes, four-year-old Moscow-based specialty coffee retailer Traveler’s Coffee is planning to build a glass-domed, 200-seat flagship coffee “venue” in Siberia, with the help of British designer Anna Burles of StudioAB. From Burles:

Set across three floors, the unique venue we are designing will feature a 3rd Wave Genius Bar, Espresso ToGo, retail shop and Sky Lounge which nestles underneath the building’s glass-domed roof.  The restaurant has 200+ covers and is the flagship venue of Travelers Coffee.

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Traveler’s Coffee was founded by American expat Christopher Tara-Brown, a suburban San Francisco-born music producer turned coffee professional who first traveled to Siberia on a mission trip. The company now has 65+ shops in six countries, with two recently opening in China. Russian design journal The Calvert Journal has more on Tara-Brown and his remarkable story. But without further ado, here is more of the dome (renderings by StudioAB).