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GMCR Changes Name to Keurig Green Mountain, Introduces Rebranding


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has officially changed its name to Keurig Green Mountain Inc., following a shareholders meeting last week.

The company hinted at the proposed name change in January, citing the strength of its Keurig brand and related sales of home brewing units and pods. Green Mountain acquired the Keurig brand in 2006.

“Our new name better reflects who we are as a Company today and captures our aspirations for the future,” Brian Kelley, the company’s President and CEO, said in an announcement today. “The name Keurig Green Mountain brings together our two strongest brands, Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee, into one single and powerful corporate identity.”

KGM’s Canadian subsidiary, formerly GMCR Canada Holding, Inc., also becomes Keurig Canada Inc. effective immediately. As part of the name change, the company has also introduced a new corporate logo and branded website:

Keurig Green Mountain new website

Keurig Green Mountain new website


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Tony DiCorpot

Yeah, let’s change our name so we are certain that the world knows we are not in business to produce excellent coffee. We want everyone to know firstly that we manufacture overpriced machines that do not heat your water hot enough to begin with, and are prone to breaking down and can be replaced for as long as they breakdown, as long as you own one, BUT as long as you keep buying our crappy, overpriced $40-50/lb coffee to use in it. Makes perfect sense.

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