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What Happens when a Hungarian Roaster Geeks Out on a Moka Pot for Months

Great brewed coffee. That’s what Gábor Laczkó of small hungarian roastery Kávékalmár says was finally achieved after months of trial and error with a classic Bialetti Brikka moka pot and all kinds of related brewing gear.

“I think this brewing method is highly neglected or misundertsood by many or most of the baristas and the coffee world,” Laczkó tells Daily Coffee News.

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In this video, “Back to the Moka Pot,” Laczkó gets into the brewing process, which must surely be one-of-a-kind for mokas and involves all manners of cables, numerous sensors, a scale, a YCT 474UD Thermometer/datalogger, an HG-One grinder and some of Kávékalmár’s El Salvador Volcan del Chingo coffee:


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