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Say Bonjour to the Barisieur, a Pour Over/Alarm Clock Hybrid


Over the past three years, we’ve seen countless innovations in home gadgetry designed to improve quality. This new alarm clock coffeemaker hybrid from British designer Josh Renouf is more about aesthetics and functional ease, but we think Mr. Renouf’s sleepy head is in the right place.

He has created the Barisieur, an automated pourover system that works with the alarm clock’s built-in timer to heat water through an induction process with stainless steel ball bearings. Boiled water from the hand-blown glass reservoir is sent through a fixed-position glass neck, automatically pouring over the grounds in a stainless steel filter, and the brewed coffee drips into the glass cup. And it’s also an alarm clock, meaning it does alarm clock stuff.

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Renouf is pitching the Barisieur as a kind of therapeutic device that eases sleeping people into the day through the subtle underwater clanging of ball bearings and the smell of brewed coffee. For now, the Barisieur is purely an exercise in design, with no production set.




The only thing innovative about this is the aesthetic, which is that of a Rube Goldberg; aside from that, coffeemakers with clocks and timers have existed for years.

Props to reinventing the wheel.

Motown Voice

What idiot would drink coffee from grounds that are left exposed to open air and light.

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