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Check Out this Print Piece on Espresso Prep from the German Firm Stellavie


In an online universe where thinly researched infographics have become common marketing and click-baiting tools, it is always refreshing to see the infographic’s superior antecedent: Print art.

Stellavie, a small design firm in Hamburg, Germany, led by Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein, has released “Exceptionally Great Espresso — Art & Science,” an information-heavy intro to espresso preparation.

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The 50×70 cm (20×27.5-inch) silksreen print reflects the duo’s interest in organizing and conveying technical information in a visually appealing and useful way. (Their last project was a constellation of the Northern sky.) It is available on white stock with black ink, and on black stock with gold ink. The paper stock is 200g./m2 and comes from Italian mill Fedrigoni and Favini.

With only a casual interest in coffee, Heidemann and Klein decided to dig deeper into the technical side of espresso preparation, saying the piece represented an education opportunity as as much as it did an artistic expression. The pair tells Daily Coffee News that the print was designed to inspire coffee enthusiasts, even if it may not provide much new information for coffee professionals.

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“The professional barista won’t find too much info that he or she did not encounter before,” Stellavie tells Daily Coffee News, adding that the piece is an attempt to “reach out to those who are passionate and enthusiastic about coffee and espresso making themselves.”

That said, it is primarily designed to look good, as any print piece ought to:

Says Stellavie, “The print nourishes an addiction and fascination for design, typography, paper and print production techniques.”