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Espresso Voyeurism: Naked Extraction in a Bottomless Portafilter

Gábor Laczkó is an obsessive tinkerer of existing coffee coffee equipment. We first encountered Laczkó, who runs the Hungarian roastery Kávékalmár, when he sent us this video of a moka pot rigged with all manner of cables, sensors, a scale and a a YCT 474UD Thermometer/datalogger.

That project represented months of experimentation, all of which Laczkó says led to proof that the moka pot is a highly neglected and misunderstood brewing tool.

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Now Laczkó gives us his latest creation, Naked, a custom bottomless portafilter that he says is “ideal for identifying mistakes” in the endless pursuit for the perfect espresso. Bottomless portafilters are not new either as training tools or just as fun toys, but rarely have we seen their oozy action so painstakingly shot as in this largely super-slow-motion video. This is espresso voyeurism at its best.

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Head Bean

Nice job on the video. We’ve been pulling all our production shots nekkid for 7 years. Not just a training and/or shot diagnostic tool!

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