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Radio Broadcasts a Sweet Patio, Craft Beer and Stumptown Coffee in Austin


When we caught up with musician and coffee professional Jack Wilson this Spring, he was in the final stages of a painstaking buildout of Radio Coffee & Beer, a new coffee bar, beer bar and occasional live music venue in far South Austin. Well, all’s well that ends well, and Radio Coffee & Beer finally opened this summer at 4204 Manchaca Road, featuring a dual-purpose bar, refurbished wood floors, handcrafted furniture and a sprawling backyard patio.

The name itself spells out the new bars primary programs, and Stumptown coffees and espressos pulled through a custom-made, 3-Group Synesso Cyncra machine highlight the coffee side. Wilson, whose coffee background began at Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle before he moved to Austin and joined the teams at the recently closed Flipnotics and Bouldin Creek Café, made the decision to work with Stumptown early on in the planning process.


“Working with the team in Seattle, a brand that is well-known for their focus on quality, gives us a level of credibility,” he says.

Local vendors are providing pies and other baked goods, while the bar will have a rotating selection of craft beers, most of which will come from Central Texas.

For more on Radio’s coffee ethos, check out our interview with Wilson in April. For now, here are a whole bunch of great pictures captured by Austin-based photographer Reagan Hackleman:



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Mike Quinn

As a former Austinite, I read this with interest. But there is something wrong with this picture: local this, and local that…everything but the coffee!

Sure, Stumptown is trendy, but ain’t all that, not like it perhaps used to be. (I first tried it in 2004, have lived in PDX (the self-coronated capital of locavorism) since ’08.

Austin has some nice roasteries, one that even imports everything directly from farms in Brazil. Some people seem to like Cuvee too, not me so much, but at least it’s local (to Austin). I’ve even seen it on offer at PDX’s Barista where it ain’t so local!

Just sayin’….Austin don’t need no Stumptown.

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