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In Crimea, The Caffe Americano is Out, and the Russiano is In

An American journalist studying in Russia has tweeted photos of what appears to be a new trend in the Crimean Peninsula, the “Russiano” espresso drink.

The tweet shows a photo of a vending machine that calls an espresso with hot water drink — traditionally referred to as an Americano throughout most of the coffee-drinking world — as a “Russiano.” Another photo shows a sign posted on a cafe door that reads (as translated by Business Insider):

“Attention! Given the current geopolitical situation, we no longer have ‘the Americano.’ Please ask for the ‘Crimea coffee.'”

The geopolitical situation, of course, is the American-opposed annexation of Crimea by Russia and Vladimir Putin that dominated headlines earlier this year. It is unclear whether the anti-American sentiment reflected here in coffee comes from forced Russian nationalism, but it is worth noting that the “Caffe Americano” remains an available menu item at the 40-plus Moscow-area Starbucks locations surrounding The Kremlin.




@greg: really? because we spend a lot of time in France, which is less than 2 hours from here, and steak tartare has always been called …. well, steak tartare …. at least until 5 weeks ago ….

@nick: are you suggesting that there is a special police force which goes around forcing people to change the name from Americano to Crimean coffee? It does not seem very realistic ….

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