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La Marzocco Home and Mazzer Introduce Upmarket Home Lux D Grinder

La Marzocco Lux D

The La Marzocco Lux D comes in black, metallic and white finishes.

Somewhere along the increasingly toed line between home and commercial applications, La Marzocco’s recently established Home division and Mazzer have teamed up to introduce the La Marzocco Lux D grinder.

La Marzocco Home unveiled the grinder — priced at $975 — just before the new year, saying it is “optimized for the barista at home with a configuration that fits into your ritual.”

The grinder is designed to complement the cornerstone of the La Marzocco home line, the GS/3 espresso machine, alongside two other grinders being sold on the site, the Mazzer Mini and the Mazzer Super Jolly.

La Marzocco Twitter photo.

La Marzocco Twitter photo.

In terms of size, the 18.25-inch-tall, 23-pound Lux D fits in between the Mini and Super Jolly, with a 1.3-pound-capacity Mazzer hopper and 61-millimeter flat burrs that the company says can grind 18 grams in 10 seconds. An on-demand dosing system is activated with a portafilter button located behind the forks.

“This allows the barista to grind directly into the basket and weigh the dose instead of relying on time that can create dose changes over the course of the day,” La Marzocco said in a Dec. 30 announcement.