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Draft Lattes? They Are Happening at La Colombe In Philadelphia

draft latte

The La Colombe draft latte. Photos by La Colombe.

Philadelphia-based La Colombe Coffee Roasters is now pulling cold lattes on draft from nitro kegs, promising a drink with a creamy mouthfeel that resembles what the company describes as a “naturally sweet milkshake.”

The company’s charismatic co-founder Todd Carmichael has been developing the draft latte using what La Colombe describes as “cold-pressed coffee” and frothed cold milk. Naturally, Carmichael and co. are not advertising the particulars of the process.

Mr. Carmichael is pleased with the results.

Mr. Carmichael is pleased with the results.

“The Draft Latte combines the simplest coffee beverage ingredients and creates a revolutionary drink,” Carmichael said in an announcement of the product. “It’s the process we use to pull the drink from the keg that creates a textured milk that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

La Colombe plans to add the draft latte to the menu of all its 12 cafes in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. in July.