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This Goat-Inspired Coffee Mug That Ripped Through Kickstarter Is Now Shipping

goat story mug

It being 2015, we can’t be too shocked that a coffee mug raised upward half a million dollars on Kickstarter.

The Goat Story Coffee Mug is, in fact, one of the most quickly funded coffee-related projects Kickstarter has ever seen, and after the developers ironed out all production kinks, the first wave of deliveries is ready to ship.

The mug’s name and horn shape are a nod to the story of Kaldi and the coffee discovery legend, although the the Goat Story brand-builders are a little less specific about what the name actually means in modern context, saying, “The Goat Story is a story that shows everything from early beginnings of discovering coffee to drinking it with style.”


The mug was developed by two creative product design firms from Slovenia — Desnahemisfera and bottle specialist Equa. The horn, which is the actual liquid container, comes with a leather, faux leather or hemp textile sleeve that can also be slipped off to form a base for the mug itself. It comes with straps of multiple lengths, supporting the idea that the mug is as much fashion accessory as it is drinking vessel.

The mugs, available in black or white with sleeves/straps available in four colors and textures, are currently being shipped to the more than 10,000 Kickstarter backers who helped raise an amazing $458,071 for Goat Story.

goat story mug


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