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Slayer Offering More Than Half Off Latest Generation with Trade-In Program

Photo courtesy of Slayer

Photo courtesy of Slayer

Seattle-based espresso machine manufacturer Slayer has launched a trade-in program, allowing customers who own first- and second-generation Slayer discounts of 54 to 56 percent on generation three machines (V3).

“Our early adopters and longtime clients show a total commitment to Slayer — they believe in what we’re doing,” Slayer CEO and product creator Jason Prefontaine said in a company announcement. “This is how we can say ‘thanks’, by creating an opportunity for them to more fully enjoy the Slayer experience in this version of the machine.”

The program also allows Slayer to refurbish V1 and V2 machines to V3 specifications and sell the used machines. Slayer’s Chris Elliot told Daily Coffee News that the refurbished machines will be offered at an “appropriate discount,” although details for the resale aspect of the program are not yet concrete. The company earlier this year announced it had created an inventory of stock models, rather than exclusively building custom machines.

The main functional variation between V3 Slayers and the older models is the replacement of mechanical valves in the groupheads with electronic valves that require significantly less regular maintenance and are rated to more than 1 million grouphead activations. V3 Slayers also included updates to temperature and pressure readings display and steam wand tips.

Under the trade-in terms, owners of V1 and V2 models can receive a 54 percent discount on new two-group models (from the standard selling price of $17,500 to the post-trade-in price of $8,000), and a 56 percent discount on new three-group models (from $22,000 to $9,500). Slayer says trade-ins are being accepted through the end of this calendar year.



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Still waiting for an affordable alternative for people who can’t afford a million dollar machine.

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