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Watch These Pencils Metamorphosize into Beautiful Tampers


The Hungarian maker of the Naked portafilter has again combined product development and expert short-filmmaking with the release of Pencilery, a 3-minute video that beautifully captures the creation of tampers with handles made entirely of pencils.

Gábor Laczkó of the Hungarian craft roastery Kávékalmár Kft and his film partner Attila Zérczi collaborated on the video project, with music contributions from Tamas Vass and CGI work for the short’s intro from Gyar Postproduction LTD.

But the pencil handles are really the star of the show here. Watch below as pencils are meticulously glued together and then CNC-machined into the desired shape before smoothing and polishing.

Gábor Laczkó told Daily Coffee News he’s been experimenting with pencils and CNC machining for eight months, and that the tampers have begun production in small batches, where they will be listed for sale at the Naked Portafilter site.