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Stumptown Unveils Sparkling Coffee Drink Line, New Drinks Logo

stumptown sparkly

Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ new sparkling cold brew line. Images courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has just launched a new line of three canned, coffee-based RTD beverages infused with flavors and CO2. These new carbonated cold brew iterations include Original, Ginger Citrus, and Honey Lemon flavors, and launched last week in all Stumptown cafes and select retailers nationwide.

The product line is inspired by cold brew concoctions that originated behind the bar at Stumptown’s New Orleans location, where baristas in the balmy clime rolled out some creative mocktail refreshments. Drinks such as a cold brew mint julep called “Endless Summer” and an Arnold-Palmer-like “Duane Sorenson” proved successful enough in the Big Easy to warrant service at Stumptown bars across the country, as the RTD line also went into development.

The Honey Lemon sparkling cold brew, which resembles the “Duane” is sweetened with local Portland, Ore., honey, while the other two are sweetened with sugar. All three include about half as much coffee as the company’s original stubby-bottled product, therefore also half the caffeine, which the company hopes will make the new line of drinks more approachable to casual consumers. Each 12-ounce can is priced at $3.99. There are no plans for any of the concoctions in the new line to be kegged for service on tap.

At the bar, fresh ingredients, flavorings and coffee concentrate are mixed with soda water for immediate consumption. For RTD production, Stumptown VP of Marketing Josh Groff told Daily Coffee News that their natural syrups and cold brew concentrate are batched and then carbonated with CO2 on the line as it’s canned. He also mentioned that these flavors are only the beginning for Stumptown’s sparkling line. Said Groff, “We’ve got a lot of ideas in the queue.”

Groff also noted that the new products introduce a label for Stumptown that steps away from the oval horseshoe-centric logo brandished across the company’s original lineup of stubby bottles, cartons and cans. The sparkling can’s beer-reminiscent banner design features the brand name most prominently, whereas on the original design, the words “cold brew” were displayed biggest.


The shift signifies the evolution of a category that’s now much more familiar to consumers. From the labeling perspective, the company can now focus more on brand identity and specific flavors rather than product description. Groff said that this new aesthetic will work its way over to the other existing products in the months to come. This includes the original stubby cold brew bottle, which, with the new label’s diagonal banner and cursively written brand name, will be particularly reminiscent of the Red Stripe beer bottle design.

There’s also one more product slated for the new label treatment, which will be another first for the company: their first certified organic RTD offering. Groff announced that a 10.5-ounce stubby-bottled Holler Mountain Cold Brew will join the line on March 29, and will carry a retail price of $4.99.


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A four dollar can of pop. Keep up the good work Stumptown. This getting ridiculous.
We need a movement to bring back the coffee.

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