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Super-Automatic Maker Eversys and Matt Perger Combine for Product Push

The Eversys factory in Switzerland. Eversys Facebook photo.

In conjunction with the World of Coffee event taking place this week in Budapest, Swiss super-automatic espresso equipment manufacturer Eversys has announced it has enlisted decorated Australian barista Matt Perger to help promote the brand as it heads toward a major product release later this year.

Since its founding by Jean-Paul In-Albon and Robert Bircher in 2009, Eversys has maintained a vision to bridge the gap between traditional Italian espresso equipment and super-automatic machines, while maintaining value in coffee quality and consistency. It’s worth noting that this is the first year super-automatic machine manufacturers have been eligible to purchase booth space at World of Coffee.

Eversys says the relationship with Perger makes sense in that the two-time Australian Barista Champion, World Brewers Cup Champion and Barista Hustle founder has also been a champion of incorporating technology make barista workflow more efficient.

Matt Perger barista

Matt Perger. Photo courtesy of Eversys.

“Eversys is right at the forefront of coffee making tech, so I’m excited to be working so closely with the team behind it,” Perger said in an Eversys announcement released today. “I’m a big believer in super automation freeing baristas to do what they do best — bringing the human touch to coffee making.”

Eversys initially launched with the e’4, a super-automatic machine that produces four espressos at a time and includes a steam wand. The same technology was employed to launch different capacity models, the e’2 and e’6, and, each of the three models comes with an “m” counterpart for the optional automation of milk-based espresso drinks.

The company also boasts a small-footprint “Shotmaster” machine for cranking out shots in high-volume environments with limited space. All the Eversys machines include a large touchscreen for barista controls, and are built with the company’s modular design, in which the grinder module, brewing module, hydraulic module, steam/boiler module and milk module can be separated for efficiency of service.

The Eversys e’6m


Eversys has not yet released details on its newest machine, other than that it will be released at the HOST Milan show in October.



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