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SCA Launching New Sustainability Conference Avance in Guatemala

After some merging, reshuffling and kink-ironing in relation to its sustainability efforts following the SCAA/SCAE merger, the unified Specialty Coffee Association is launching a new sustainability conference called Avance.

Importantly, the first Avance event will take place in Guatemala City this coming Oct. 11-12, with the location reflecting “years of advocacy by members of the coffee community to include the voice of coffee farmers and representatives from coffee-producing countries in discussions around sustainability issues,” the SCA announced in an introductory release published yesterday.

The two-day event will take place at the headquarters of Guatemala’s national coffee association Anacafé, including workshops, panel discussions and lectures on topics such as climate change and production economics, with a particular focus on Central America, the SCA said in it’s announcement.

“Avance is special in many ways, but there are two features that most clearly set it apart from other SCA events,” said SCA Chief Sustainability Officer Kim Elena Ionescu. “It is our first sustainability-focused conference, and our first conference that will be held in a coffee-producing region.”

Registration is $300 for SCA members and $350 for non members, with early bird pricing currently at $250 and $300, respectively. Admission includes the two full days of workshops and discussions, plus morning coffee and lunch daily, and dinner on Wednesday night.

For additional information, visit the brand new Avance website.