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With Ethiopia Harvest, Green Seller Trabocca Unveils Brand Refresh

From the new Trabocca website

Not coincidentally in time for Ethiopia’s harvest season, green coffee importer Trabocca has unveiled an expansive rebranding effort, adding a new logo, a new website and a range of colors to communicate the qualities of the coffees it offers.

Founded by Menno Simons in 2003, the Amsterdam-based company with a five-member U.S. team has largely specialized in Ethiopian coffees, with a particular emphasis on facilitating organic certification. While Ethiopia maintains a strong focus for Trabocca, the company has also sourced green coffees from producing countries including Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, and the Cape Verde islands.

Expanding upon a former color palette that was predominantly brown and white, Trabocca has now washed the brand in color, with pink and red hues throughout the website to communicate the vibrancy of coffee itself. In various iterations, the recreated logo maintains color connections to earth, sky and coffee fruit.

Additionally, in reference to the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, descriptors of each coffee offered are associated with splashes of color, such as lemon yellow, lime green or caramel brown.

“The flavor wheel has an iconic status in the coffee industry. It is easy to understand and transcends language,” Trabocca Commercial Director Sander Reuderink said in an explanation of the new look. “We thought it would service coffee roasters if we’d amplify this well-known concept through our website.”

The revamped website also allows green coffee buyers to search for offerings based on categories such as origin, processing method or certification.